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"It's OK if it's a shock to you" - people share their experiences of diagnosis with MS

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Most people clearly remember their own experience of diagnosis with MS and are keen that others have a smoother ride. In this video people share their experiences.

Whether it was a shock or largely expected, being diagnosed with MS can leave you in a bit of a whirl. Looking back, how did you cope?  What could you have done differently and what would you suggest to someone diagnosed today? People with MS have taken part in a series of videos to pass on their experience and offer support to anyone who has recently been diagnosed.

What is your advice to someone who is newly diagnosed with MS?

Suggestions include:

  • “Whatever is right for you, you need to do.”
  • “Don’t feel pressured by yourself or by anyone else around you.”
  • “Don’t scare yourself and just take things one step at a time.”
  • “Don’t make snap decisions.”

And some perspectives on diagnosis,  now that a bit of time has passed:

  • “It’s OK if you’re not OK. It’s OK if it is a shock to you.”
  • “Every person’s MS is different.”
  • “It’s very much about me. My MS is about me.”


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